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Fitness Centre Nuneaton FAQ

How long has The Fitness Centre been in business?

We’ve been in business for over 30 years – and all in the same location!

Can I train if I'm under 18?

In order to train on your own, you should be 16 years of age. You can still train if you are younger than this if you are accompanied by an adult.

I have a medical condition - can I still train?

It depends what condition you have. Please consult one of our knowledegable staff who would be happy to advise.

I want to lose weight - can you recommend a diet?

We would be happy to assist you in your endeavour. Our friendly staff can create an excercise programme tailored to you along with a healthy eating plan and advice.

I want to gain muscle - can you help?

Sure. A combination of weight training, good nutrition and a well thought out programme will help you reach your goals. We also offer a personal training service if you need extra help and motivation.

I just want to tone up - what should I do?

‘Toning up’ involves the same kind of training as building muscle but it doesn’t mean that you will end up looking like a body builder! More lean muscle means less over lying fat and you will appear tighter and slimmer as a result.
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Facilities With You In Mind

Extensively equipped gym with free weights and machines plus separate cardio and boxing areas ensures that we have the right environment for you to reach your training goals. Add to this a comfortable ‘social area’ where you can sit and have a coffee or a post workout protein shake and you’ll see that The Fitness Centre Nuneaton has just what you need.

If sitting in the Jacuzzi is your idea of getting fit then we might not be the place for you – although you can enjoy a long shower after your workout if you like!

With the best equipment from Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Concept2, you know we mean business!

Any Questions?

The Best Equipment

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Feel The Burn

Training to your limit will provide you with the best results. Keep going until you feel the burn – that’s when you will stimulate your body to adapt.

Eat Well

Good nutrition is 80% of the battle. Your body can’t function, grow or heal without the correct nutrition. Train hard – then eat well.

Rest Up

You need to recover from your workout so that you are ready for the next time. Don’t exhaust yourself or you’ll overtrain.

Be Consistent

You won’t see the results you want without putting in the effort. And that effort needs to be repeated consistently – this is not ‘hit & miss’ but a routine.