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This is The Fitness Centre Nuneaton

Looking for gyms in Nuneaton ?
The Fitness Centre is an independent
gym that puts you first.
Get the results you want by following
our personalised programme of exercise

Ready to make some changes? Looking for....

The BEST gym in Nuneaton? You just found it!

Fully Equipped Gym

All the machines & free weights you need to hone & sculpt your body.

Cardio Fitness Area

An array of cardio equipment including treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and steppers.

Boxing Training

Heavy bag and speedball equipment allows for intense boxing workouts.

Separate Gyms

Prefer to train away from the ‘heavier’ equipment area? No problem – there’s no need to leave the fully equipped upstairs area!


Looking for gyms in Nuneaton ?..

Join The Fitness Centre Nuneaton today...The BEST gym in Nuneaton!

Don’t just join A gym in Nuneaton…join The BEST gym in Nuneaton…and start YOUR journey!

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Lose Weight

We believe in losing weight ‘healthfully’ – combining a sensible diet with exercise. We don’t just want you to lose weight for your holiday – we want you to remain slim & healthy for life!

Get Fit

Our approach to fitness is to gradually increase your time and intensity, incorporating variety into your programme. If your programme is interesting, you are more likely to stick at it.

Build Muscle

When it comes to gyms in Nuneaton, we have more ‘serious’ trainers than any other facility* so there is nowhere better for advice and motivation.
*We have the best equipment in the area.

Reduce Stress

Exercise reduces stress in many ways. As well as burning off adrenaline when you are exercising, you also tend to forget your problems – so it really is get fitter…feel better!

Gain Confidence

There is nothing better than losing a few pounds and having toned muscles for boosting your self-confidence. Looking good really is feeling good! Join the best gym in Nuneaton!

Boost Self Esteem

As your self-confidence improves then so will your self esteem. So many shy, overweight people after having started exercising have gone on to change their lives – and you can too! Let us help you toward achieving your goals.

Are You Ready To Transform Yourself at the best gym in Nuneaton?

best gym in nuneaton

The facilities at The Fitness Centre Nuneaton are first class. That's why I use their Gym for my training on and off season. More than enough preparation for my professional rugby career. I believe it to be the best gym in Nuneaton without doubt.

Member, The Fitness Centre

Wow! The Fitness Centre Nuneaton changed my life completely. I'm full of energy and ready to take on any challenge. My life changed in more ways than I ever thought possible.

Member, The Fitness Centre

I'm wondering why I never Joined The Fitness Centre sooner! Seriously, the progress I've made since I've been here has been remarkable. It's got to be the best gym in Nuneaton. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Member, The Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre Nuneaton has become the mainstay of my training regimen. Without the support of their trainers the progress I've made would not have been possible.

Member, The Fitness Centre

I've been a member of The Fitness Centre for 16 years and have always found the staff so friendly and professional.

Jose Bate

I was 65 when I joined The Fitness Centre and have been a member now for 14 years. My friends told me I was too old but how wrong they were! I've lost over 2 stone and at 79, I feel great!

Jean Seccull